Saturday, November 24, 2012

Home Improvements

After painting 1,000 sq ft of the interior of our house it was then time to sand and refinish the floors. I had no idea when we were beginning this task just what it would entail. On the DIY shows they make it sound like: All you have to do is sand it, fill in the cracks and then finish the area. That's it! That my friends is a total lie! What they should say or show is this: You will begin your project with a trip to home depot where they will rent you a broken/the incorrect machine. You will waste over an hour of your time trying to make this sander work before you realize that it's just not the right one and it just doesn't work! You will then clean off the bad sander, pack it into your car and go back to Home Depot where you will have to return the crap sander and then rent the correct one while you waste yet another hour of your time! Once you have the correct sander the real fun can begin. You will then be stuck in a house sanding and sanding and sanding your floors! If you're lucky like us you will have about 1,000 sq ft of flooring to sand! You will be covered and I mean covered with saw dust. My husband turned completely white from all of the dust! After sanding for 13 hours and pissing off all of your neighbors you will then begin the process of filling in all of the cracks. I won't even comment on this process because it's too terrible! Just know that my hands are still swollen and sore! After doing that for yet another 13 hours you will then get to SAND again and then again! It will take you another 13 hours! It's terrible, and, it's just the beginning! You will now need to start the clean up and let me tell you, that (like everything else) is not at all easy! We haven't even gotten to the finishing part! I keep telling my husband that this is not fun, he just laughs. Anyway, I'm sure we'll finish someday after lots of blisters and sore backs. That is my home improvement vent session, I'm sure there will be more to come. Don't believe the HGTV/DIY shows, they make it all look so easy but that is so not the case!

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